What is a processing center?

A processing center is a high-tech automated system for processing bank card payments in electronic commerce (e-Commerce). The main role of a processing center is to provide Online stores with the opportunity to accept bank card payments. Furthermore, a processing center coordinates transactions between the bank card issuer, bank acquirer (the transactions authenticator), point of trade, and the bank card holder.

How the payment process works: customer– goods/ bank card services

  • Customer

    The customer makes a purchase on the Online store website, and selects to pay by bank card.

  • Online store

    The Online store redirects the customer to processing center PayOnline System’s secure payment page.

  • PayOnline System

    On the PayOnline System secure payment page, the customer specifies their credit card information. PayOnline System verifies the status and parameters of the e-store system, and checks the request to match the requirements and system limitations, and then transmits the generated request for authorization to the bank partner (acquiring bank) which carries out an authorization for payment.

  • Bank acquirer

    Once the bank partner has received a transaction authorization request, the request is sent to the relevant payment system (Visa, MasterCard, etc).

  • Payment system

    The payment system determines the issuing bank, which has issued the customer’s bank card, then sends an authorization request to the bank processing center.

  • Bank issuer

    After the issuing bank has confirmed the authorization of the customer’s payment, PayOnline System sends the e-store a positive authorization, and the e-store notifies the customer that the payment has been successful.