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Why PayOnline System?

Easy to connect payment systems and technical integration. Don’t waste your time! Do business!

With PayOnline System you can connect in a minimal amount of time. You will be able to accept electronic payments 2 weeks after submitting your application. The system integrates easily with your site and doesn’t require in-depth programming knowledge.

Advantages to using an electronic payment system

Today, electronic payments are gaining huge popularity among Internet users in Russia. Internet payment is convenient and fast. You can make purchases and transfer Internet payments without leaving the comfort of your own home. At the moment in Russia, due to the growing demand for Internet payments, electronic payment systems have started to develop at a fast rate. Providers of this type of service can be divided roughly into: electronic money, processing centers, Internet payment acquiring, and aggregators.

Reliable protection when using payment systems

Personal details of all bank card holders are well protected. Processing center PayOnline System meets all the requirements of the standard security PCI DSS, and uses the latest and most reliable methods of protecting confidential information. PayOnline System can be found on the list of official Visa and MasterCard service providers.

The revolutionary scoring system for monitoring transactions processed through PayOnline System allows you to minimize the risks associated with unscrupulous clients, without subjecting customers to lengthy checks.

Electronic payments and multi-stage protection

Electronic bank card payments are a much more convenient way to pay over the Internet. An Internet store can increase its turnover by 3-8% by accepting bank cards, depending on the business and the products it sells. Payment processing is becoming more in demand. International payment systems, aiming to make Internet bank card payments a more secure form of payment, have strict requirements for companies that deal in Internet acquiring.

The scoring system for monitoring PayOnline System transactions was acclaimed at the Microsoft Business Start-2009 Competition of Innovative Projects in Science and Technology, where the PayOnline System project was one of the winners among 185 other projects.

Electronic payment systems — business around the world

PayOnline System is part of the Russo-American ITONLINE GROUP. Processing and the quality of other PayOnline System services have to meet the high requirements of American standards. In working with payment systems, you will have access to Russian and English-language payment form interfaces. With PayOnline System you are not restricted to just the Russian market, but you can do business all over the world!

Electronic payment systems — endless possibilities

Electronic payment systems have penetrated the market, providing companies with the possibility of accepting Internet bank card payments on their sites. In a matter of minutes, users can pay for purchases from any corner of the world.

Individual approach to clients

We have a client-orientated approach to our work. We are ready to work individually with each client, regardless of the size or turnover of the company. When we entered the market, we set ourselves a goal: to help our customers make their businesses more successful. Now, every day we move towards achieving this goal. We appreciate all customers, so everyone who uses PayOnline System can expect the highest quality of service. The real measure of our work is our reputation.

At the moment in Russia there are only 3 companies that offer full Internet payment system processing. PayOnline System offers Internet acquiring for all companies wanting to accept electronic payment cards on their site.

Payment systems on the Internet: technical and user support

Our Customer Support section is available in English and Russian language, and will allow your customers to receive information about their payments. Our contact center specialists are always ready to offer support to you and your customers.

Electronic payment systems for your business

Modern payment systems and Internet business are inextricably linked. In developed countries, electronic payments when purchasing goods via the Internet constitute the lion's share of turnover. Payment systems Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club are the fastest and most convenient Internet payment methods. Furthermore, every electronic payment system is now very concerned with transaction security. Payment systems are perfecting their software, Internet-acquiring is developing to combat the emergence of new threats from fraudsters. Therefore, using a payment system is not only profitable and convenient, online payments are the most secure. We can offer our experience in electronic payments to local entrepreneurs. Our processing center accepts cards from virtually all payment systems, and accepts online payments with no restrictions. PayOnline System provides high-quality processing for the successful development of your business!

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With PayOnline System you:

Widen your horizons
By connecting to PayOnline System you can accept payments on your site with the most popular bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club.
Increase your profits
Widen your client auditorium for bank card holders, and as a result, increase your profits.
Increase your sales conversion
By using a variety of payment system bank cards your payment procedure is simplified. Your customers can purchase more, and more often, which increases the conversion on your site.
Benefit from attractive financial terms
Low tariffs, no subscription fee, connection to a leader in the Internet bank acquiring market.